Daddy, you’ve created a monster!

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Yes, that would be you Dad­dy­Cool. As you may or may not be aware of i recent­ly post­ed a blog about my “bluff­ing Dad­dy­Cool with 32 off suit cam­paign”. (you may all read it at my pokerblog) This week­end as I was reunit­ed with my for­mer pok­er reg­u­lars I told the sto­ry, and they all laughed at me. No prob­lem there, it is after all a fool­ish quest, enter­tain­ing (at least to me and prob­a­bly dc), but fool­ish non the less…

Then they all start­ed adapt­ing..

I got the 32 off suit showed in my face three or four times that night, every time after I fold­ed in a high pres­sure moment. Damn you Dad­dy­Cool, now every­body thinks I’m fair game for the god damn 32 off suit bluff

If any­one wants to read about the rest of the cashgame, head over to my pokerblog

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