So close but yet so far away!

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There is some his­to­ry between me and Dad­dy­Cool. He’s a great play­er, and a very good read­er of peo­ple… So he’s bluffed me off rather good hands sev­er­al times, and a few times to often he’s done so with the 32 off suite. He usu­al­ly shows me this hand.

One day I decid­ed that enough is enough! “I’ll show you” I told him. “I’ll give you a piece of your own med­i­cine. I will bluff you in a major hand with the 32 off suit myself. ”

The idea is great. If not for the fact that the bas­tard know exact­ly when to call me and when not to.… So far any­way.. The fol­low­ing hand shows that I’m true to my word. I will play the 32 off suite against Dad­dy­Cool like I would the pock­et rock­ets, every time until I pull off my bluff!

This hand cre­at­ed a lit­tle excite­ment at the table. I did not have a real big stack, but big enough to wait for a real hand while the short stacks bat­tled for sur­vival…

Hand#18754E0D00000265 — Tour­na­ment Table 1 T5115136 — Table 3 — $75/$400/$800 NL Hold’em — 2009.05.25 — 01:52:55
Seat 1: Rock ($49 845 in chips)
Seat 2: Dad­dy­Cool ($16 001 in chips)
Seat 4: tiny ($10 906 in chips)
Seat 5: Cikey ($18 145 in chips)
Seat 7: Oles ($22 920 in chips)
Seat 8: joae ($33 012 in chips) DEALER
Seat 9: volv ($24 171 in chips)
Rock­dj posts ante of 75
Dad­dy­Cool Cool posts ante of 75
tinyone50TB posts ante of 75
Cikey posts ante of 75
Olesjef10 posts ante of 75
joae­sp posts ante of 75
volvoTB posts ante of 75
Rock : posts small blind 400
Dad­dy­Cool : posts big blind 800

Dealt to Cikey

tiny : folds
Cikey: rais­es to 1 984
Oles : folds
joae : folds
volv : folds
Rock : folds
Dad­dy­Cool : rais­es to 5 899
Cikey: is all in 16086.0000
Dad­dy­Cool : is all in 10027.0000
Cikey: returns uncalled bet 2 144
Dad­dy­Cool : shows

Cikey: shows




Dad­dy­Cool : wins 32 777 with Pair of Fours

Well played Dad­dy­Cool, but one day, one glo­ri­ous day I’ll be able to show you my bril­liant 32 off suit bluff


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