Cashgame with the degenerates

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My for­mer pok­er game has a Face­book group. The descrip­tion reads; “Degen­er­at­ed gam­blers anony­mous!” Nev­er have that been a bet­ter descrip­tion on a pok­er game than this week­end. Damn I’ve missed you guys!

Let me start by giv­ing you the basics. We’re not high rollers, we’re poor stu­dents and play for the social aspects of the game. Or so I thought. The stakes are rough­ly $0.15 / $0.30 thus loos­ing a lot of mon­ey, or win­ning real­ly big amounts is real­ly not an issue. It’s all about the fun lov­ing game, but what crazy fun it is.Or at least I thought it was not an issue… I don’t know what’s nor­mal in regards to win­ing or loos­ing in terms of big blinds dur­ing about 8–10 hours of play, but I do know that when we were three play­ers left in the game (we start­ed with sev­en) there was close to a $1000 at the table. The big win­ner went home with about a 1000 BB prof­it…

How did I do? From being stuck about $125 I end­ed up about even (+$25) so I guess i did OK (not loos­ing mon­ey when you play like I did the first cou­ple of hours has to be regard­ed as OK)

I have to admit I did not take the game to seri­ous­ly the first few hours as I was thrilled to play live pok­er with my bud­dies again and want­ed to play every hand! I made a lot of moves, bluffs & plays and of course put on the live strad­dle every chance I got (even if it was the $4.80 or even $9.60 live strad­dle).

After loos­ing my first buy in I decid­ed it was time to start play­ing a bit more seri­ous (I only brought three BI and lost the first after about 1,5 hours!) and start­ed to do rather well. My loose table image enabled me to get max val­ue from every made hand, and some well timed bluffs gave me some extra chips on top of that. ($5 to the per­son who can guess which of the play­ers I bluffed the most times!) At this point I was up to about $300 in chips (I bought in for about $150) and was doing good! I got the rock­ets and played a huge pot (at these blinds) against Andreas and lost about $100 when for some rea­son I kept call­ing even though it was obvi­ous he had hit trips on the flop. I made cry­ing calls on both the turn and the riv­er and got tilt­ed like a don­key when he showed me that his Q9 hit the 99x flop. It was no sur­prise and I should have lost no more than a third of what I did in that hand. Kudos to Andreas and a smack on the wrist to me. I knew he had it but i was the rock­ets I guess… Why the hell could I not fold? Damn don­key! I get tilt­ed even now, just think­ing about it!

Kudos to Espen as well! He’s turned out to be a great play­er, and is prob­a­bly the best play­er in our lit­tle home game. He seemed to show a bluff every time some­body fold­ed, but always had the goods when he was called down. Some very good read­ing of the play­ers on his part.

I real­ly hope I get a chance to play with the boys when I return to Bergen lat­er this sum­mer, It was crazy fun! But the next time I’m tak­ing you all to “the clean­ers”


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