Rollercoaster Ride

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my graph

I’m try­ing to keep track of my pok­er win­nings but hon­est­ly it’s not very easy! I’m not in any way orga­nized enough to keep track of my win­nings man­u­al­ly, and PokerOf­fice can’t seem to hadle win­nings from tour­na­ments unless I add them man­u­al­ly. Thus I need to find alter­nate sources of sta­tis­tics on my games.

I play a lot of pri­vate tour­na­ments with the pople, and my win­nings there are post­ed at the site. Dur­ing the Jan­u­ary League I played 14 tour­na­ments with a total buyin of about $100 (7 at $10 and 7 at $5). I placed third in the league win­ning a total of $299 ($188 from reg­u­lar pay­outs and $111 from the league). Thus i can say i prof­it from the pri­vate games I play. The games are not the only games I play, I’ve also played a few games at and a third radio game that I only recent­ly learned about as one of their play­ers joined us. I don’t have the num­bers from these games, but i believe I’m about break even in these.

I don’t play as much reg­u­lar pok­er as I would like to, but I do play some sng’s and the occa­sion­al cashgame.

Accord­ing to Shar­ckscope I’m win­ning more than I’m loos­ing at the sng’s (at pok­er­stars) thus I con­clude I’m a win­ning play­er at SNG’s as well. It’s quite the roller coast­er ride though, but I don’t mind. I won’t be rich any time soon, but at least my hob­by don’t cost  me any­thing… I can’t real­ly account for my cashgame win­nings recently,but the few games I’ve been play­ing has been at a con­sid­er­able prof­it or about break even. As long as I don’t expe­ri­ence any loos­ing streaks I’m hap­py.

I’m look­ing to earn even more mon­ey in the Feb­ru­ary league, though the most impor­tant thing is to beat Goggen_S who was one spot above me in the Jan­u­ary League.


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