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1181472_the_chips_are_downLast night I played what must have been the cra­zi­est tour­na­ment I’ve ever played. There was a triple head­er with the Back­row bunch, and I’d signed up for all three of them. But about halfway into the first of them I real­ized I was not in the pok­er play­ing mood. I real­ly did not feel like play­ing, thus get­ting annoyed at the oth­er play­ers stu­pid plays, impa­tient with my own game and gen­er­al­ly mak­ing me feel like crap.

So I decid­ed to unreg­is­ter from the oth­er games, but I was too late. So I had two choic­es, either sit­ting out, or los­ing my chips real quick. I went with the last one and played like a com­plete mani­ac. I raised every hand pre flop, bet every flop and bluffed every turn and riv­er. And I ran good! I’m talk­ing Jamie Gold good. I’d hit about every flop, and when I did not, the oth­er play­ers fold­ed. Every time. And I showed every hand.

I quick­ly dou­bled up to above 10K (5K start stack), and even though I at one time lost about half my stack I kept up this reck­less / stu­pid / donky (pick the one you like best) style of play and got back up to about 10–15K

I had a cou­ple of pre­mi­um hands, and of course I got action every time, I did after all raise EVERY hand…

But most times I got called down, or re raised I was way behind. But the way I was run­ning, I always got ahead before or on the riv­er. I do apol­o­gize to every­one who got the blunt end of my donky style play last night. My jo-jo stack kept me around 2nd to 5th in chips until the turn­ing point where I found myself all in with 66 against AA and KJ-ish. We where all in pre flop, me cov­er­ing the two oth­ers slight­ly (by the way, I called the sec­ond play­er re rais­ing all in, after I called the all in of the first play­er. Yeah, that was my style of play all night) of course the flop con­tained a 6, giv­ing me a com­mand­ing chip lead in the tour­na­ment.

Some might think I would change my style of play try­ing to win the tour­na­ment, but I had com­mit­ted myself to the donky strat­e­gy, and stuck with it!

I still raised every hand pre­flop, and even though I fold­ed a few times when I got raised all in I pret­ty much had the pot odds to call the all ins every god damn time. Almost every hand I played all in I was behind, but I sucked out about four of five times…

At one point I had more than 100K in chips and the four oth­ers left in the tour­na­ment had about 35K in total…  I kept my style of play all out, and even though I at one point was down to about 75K I even­tu­al­ly won the tour­na­ment tak­ing out the two last play­ers in back to back hands suck­ing out with the worst of it.…

Damn what a night..

I can’t believe I went on to win the tour­na­ment, prob­a­bly used up all my luck for next few years. But I do know peo­ple hate play­ing against ass­holes like that. So I prob­a­bly won’t play again for a while.

If you’ve read the last cou­ple of blogs I’ve post­ed you know I’m in a down­swing when it comes to pok­er. Not finan­cial­ly, but emo­tion­al­ly. I can’t moti­vate myself to play, thus play­ing bad but not car­ing about it.

The only fun I got out of last nights game was the fact that my donky ass play that should have had me out of the tour­na­ment in about five min­utes kept me not only in the game, but in the lead. I don’t want to ruin the game for the oth­er play­ers so I’ll stop play­ing for a while. Maybe I’ll play a few, once or twice a week. Hope­ful­ly I’ll get my moti­va­tion back and can re-join the Back­row games with a prop­er style of play.

Mean­while I’ll try to play more live games. So maybe I’ll see you around the tables some­where in Crazy-North­ern-Europe…


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