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Blog? I have a blog?

februar 5th, 2010

I real­ize I’m not the stead­i­est of blog­gers.. (is that even a word?) But as usu­al there’s a good rea­son for my absence. I’ve been putting a lot of time into my lat­est project. Sev­er­al of my blog­gs has been ded­i­cat­ed to the “Live pok­er broad­cast­ing” toruna­ments I’m a part of  and as of recent we’ve tak­en tak­en it to “the next leve”

As our lis­ten­er base grew we real­ized we need­ed a more pow­er­ful web serv­er and invest­ed in our own. (at least a VPS serv­er for those of you with spe­cial inter­est in tech­ni­cal details). As a part of the new broad­cast­ing sev­er we also go a new domain name and web­site.

As I’m the one with the most spare time on his hands I’ve been respon­si­ble for cre­at­ing and cus­tomiz­ing the web­site.

And the site? (drum roll please!):

You like? I sure do! The site is pri­mar­i­ly in Nor­we­gian, but Eng­lish speak­ing friends are more than wel­come. There is even an “Eng­lish Only” sec­tion in the com­mu­ni­ty forum. Wel­come peo­ple!

Life, poker, and stuff…

november 24th, 2009

[...] it's the second time this year I lose my job!

OK, so I’ve not good at keep­ing my blog updat­ed. The rea­son is the same as always: There’s been too much stuff going on in my life late­ly…

I recent­ly lost my job. Again! Actu­al­ly it’s the sec­ond time this year I lose my job (from the same com­pa­ny).

I work for one of the largest con­sumer elec­tron­ic store chains in Nor­way, and for the sec­ond time this year they are shut­ting down the store I’m work­ing at (yeah, that’s two dif­fer­ent stores! Some­thing I did?) This means I get fired, and though I’ll prob­a­bly end up get­ting anoth­er job at the same com­pa­ny it feels like crap!

The last six months has been noth­ing but work, long hours and a lot of pres­sure. I’ve been the assis­tant man­ag­er at the store, and because this was a small store that meant a lot of the work fell on me to get done. And don’t get me wrong, the work got done, but not with­out wear­ing me out. It was always my moti­va­tion that this would be tem­po­rary as the store was sched­uled for expan­sion.

So now I’m try­ing to keep moti­vat­ed as we start the Christ­mas sea­son, the most impor­tant sea­son for Con­sumer Elec­tron­ics. I’m look­ing into a cou­ple of new job oppor­tu­ni­ties, and I real­ly think it will work out in the end, but even still, It’s hard to keep my moti­va­tion!

Thus I turn to pok­er. Where else to regain the good feel­ing of being on top of my game… The way I’m play­ing theese days you would not think so, but despite my cur­rent down­swing I get a real kick of get­ting online and play­ing. I’ve become a reg­u­lar radio host at the Donkr pri­vate games at Pok­er­Stars every Fri­day, Sat­ur­day, Sun­day and Wednes­day, and I real­ly love it! We’ve got quite a few lis­ten­ers on the radio, and even though none of us are in the Nor­man Chad cat­e­go­ry we still get pos­i­tive feed­back from the peo­ple play­ing.

Not showing a very good profit

As I’ve already men­tioned I’m in a bit of a down­swing theese days. Speak­ing on the radio is prob­a­bly to blame, at least in part (it is kin­da hard to con­cen­trate when you are fol­low­ing the action on five — six tables as well as play­ing) but I also feel like I’m in one of those peri­ods when “every” riv­er gets there, and every big hand is met by a big­ger hand. But this will turn around even­tu­al­ly and I’m still win­ning more than I’m los­ing, (though I still con­cider myself a “breake even” play­er). Anoth­er “fun fact” regard­ing my down­swing is that I’m the sec­ond best placed play­er that has not cashed this month (we play a league sys­tem, where your six best games gives points, based on the WSOP for­mu­la).

I am look­ing to redeem myself regard­ing my poor per­fo­mance at the Donkr torunies, but it might be descem­ber before I have any­thing to show for it.

No wor­ries, I enjoy play­ing the toruna­ments, and love talk­ing trash on the live radio. I’m hop­ing we can devel­op the con­cept and include more pok­er relat­ed dis­cus­sion on air, but only time will tell. If any of you who read this are lis­ten­ing please tell us (me) what you think about the radio or any sub­ject you feel we should dis­cuss on air…

If you are inter­est­ed you can find all the info you need about the tournies, the leaue and the radio here

CikeyWeb back online!

november 2nd, 2009

CikeyWeb is back online!

Final­ly I’ve got­ten my web­site back online!

I’ve decid­ed to go with a sys­tem that lets me keep the site run­ning with a min­i­mum of sys­tem main­te­nance. From now on You’ll find my pok­er blog, my papers, and all my oth­er stuff at this one loca­tion.

I hope peo­ple will enjoy my site, and I’d love som feed­back from you guys on what you all think!

Online Poker Live Poker

oktober 26th, 2009
Backrow Live @ OSLO

This week some of the Back­Row­Pok­er reg­u­lars and me got togeth­er in Oslo, Nor­way to play some live pok­er. The play­ers was Goggen_S, MrHan­sol, BMKW100, Bluffer­Hebbe and me. The plan was to play an Back­row Pok­er live event, but the plan was also to get about twice as many play­er to enter..

So we joined a tour­na­ment at the Fish Club in Oslo, and set out on a mis­sion to fin­ish off the final table as an Back­row Pok­er exclu­sive tour­na­ment. (yeah, we ARE that good ) And we almost made it, at least we got two play­ers with­in the four best (of some 35 entrants total).

I’m rather pleased with my own per­for­mance, fin­ish­ing 4th, and sec­ond best Back­row Play­er. It could how­ev­er end­ed quite dif­fer­ent­ly.

Dur­ing the first lev­el I looked down at KK and raised up. A cute blonde called me, and the flop came TJQ rain­bow. The blonde bet out, giv­ing me cause for con­cern as she had called sev­er­al pots pre flop but this was the first where she showed real aggres­sion. It wor­ried me that she might have the AK, but i fig­ured she would have raised me pre flop with that. Thus I called, and watched as the turn was blank. Again she bets into me, I can’t recall the bet size but I believe it was about 2/3 of the pot. Again I’m con­fused. It’s hard to put her on a real strong hand (AK) as I still believed she would raise med pre flop, but then again, she did not seem con­cerned about my call on the flop. So I went on and made what might be the weak­est play of the tour­na­ment, I called.

The riv­er was a nine, giv­ing me the straight thus beat­ing every hand she might have, but the AK. She checks… What a relief.. Or was it? Does this change any­thing? I can’t do any­thing but check and hope I’ve played the rest of the hand like an idiot. She can’t call a riv­er bet by me with any­thing but the AK thus there is no val­ue in a bet. I check, and flip over my kings. She sounds dis­gust­ed, and right­ful­ly so, she had the rock­ets all along, and there I was call­ing of about half my stack with only a draw… Kudos Ace!

But what a night! Hours of real pok­er, real chips, real tables and last but not least real peo­ple! Don’t get me wrong, the peo­ple at the Back­row games are great, but the social aspect of the game won’t ever be the same behind a com­put­er screen. I’ve real­ly missed the live games, and it was a great feel­ing to play­ing against real peo­ple again!

This comes after a time of unin­spired play online in the Back­Row Tour­na­ments. I’ve got no patience, don’t mind play­ing coin flips for my stack in ear­ly lev­els and don’t mind get­ting knocked out dur­ing the first few lev­els. I’m actu­al­ly con­sid­er­ing tak­ing a break from online play, part­ly because of the pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned rea­sons, but also because it’s tak­ing up too much of my time.

Only time will tell I guess, I’ll start off with reduc­ing the num­ber of tour­na­ments i play online, and hope to find some more time to play live pok­er…

In any case I hope to play more live pok­er with the Nor­we­gian Back­row­Pok­er play­ers in the future, and that we may get enough play­ers togeth­er to play a prop­er Team Back­row Pok­er tour­na­ment.

I’ll see you all at the tables, and hope­ful­ly not only at the com­put­er…

Cashgame with the degenerates

oktober 26th, 2009

My for­mer pok­er game has a Face­book group. The descrip­tion reads; “Degen­er­at­ed gam­blers anony­mous!” Nev­er have that been a bet­ter descrip­tion on a pok­er game than this week­end. Damn I’ve missed you guys!

Let me start by giv­ing you the basics. We’re not high rollers, we’re poor stu­dents and play for the social aspects of the game. Or so I thought. The stakes are rough­ly $0.15 / $0.30 thus loos­ing a lot of mon­ey, or win­ning real­ly big amounts is real­ly not an issue. It’s all about the fun lov­ing game, but what crazy fun it is.Or at least I thought it was not an issue… I don’t know what’s nor­mal in regards to win­ing or loos­ing in terms of big blinds dur­ing about 8–10 hours of play, but I do know that when we were three play­ers left in the game (we start­ed with sev­en) there was close to a $1000 at the table. The big win­ner went home with about a 1000 BB prof­it…

How did I do? From being stuck about $125 I end­ed up about even (+$25) so I guess i did OK (not loos­ing mon­ey when you play like I did the first cou­ple of hours has to be regard­ed as OK)

I have to admit I did not take the game to seri­ous­ly the first few hours as I was thrilled to play live pok­er with my bud­dies again and want­ed to play every hand! I made a lot of moves, bluffs & plays and of course put on the live strad­dle every chance I got (even if it was the $4.80 or even $9.60 live strad­dle).

After loos­ing my first buy in I decid­ed it was time to start play­ing a bit more seri­ous (I only brought three BI and lost the first after about 1,5 hours!) and start­ed to do rather well. My loose table image enabled me to get max val­ue from every made hand, and some well timed bluffs gave me some extra chips on top of that. ($5 to the per­son who can guess which of the play­ers I bluffed the most times!) At this point I was up to about $300 in chips (I bought in for about $150) and was doing good! I got the rock­ets and played a huge pot (at these blinds) against Andreas and lost about $100 when for some rea­son I kept call­ing even though it was obvi­ous he had hit trips on the flop. I made cry­ing calls on both the turn and the riv­er and got tilt­ed like a don­key when he showed me that his Q9 hit the 99x flop. It was no sur­prise and I should have lost no more than a third of what I did in that hand. Kudos to Andreas and a smack on the wrist to me. I knew he had it but i was the rock­ets I guess… Why the hell could I not fold? Damn don­key! I get tilt­ed even now, just think­ing about it!

Kudos to Espen as well! He’s turned out to be a great play­er, and is prob­a­bly the best play­er in our lit­tle home game. He seemed to show a bluff every time some­body fold­ed, but always had the goods when he was called down. Some very good read­ing of the play­ers on his part.

I real­ly hope I get a chance to play with the boys when I return to Bergen lat­er this sum­mer, It was crazy fun! But the next time I’m tak­ing you all to “the clean­ers”

Luck and motivation

oktober 26th, 2009

Late­ly I’ve not been very moti­vat­ed to play pok­er. I’ve been play­ing the usu­al Back­Row games, but at this point I have to admit I would not kept on play­ing if not for the Back­Row radio.

A big thanks to all the all the announc­ers for keep­ing the game inter­est­ing regard­less of the cards! Daddy_Cool diss­ing Nor­way, Kar­tRac­er curs­ing at the crazy ass Nor­we­gian fish play­ers and Chip­Sweep­er being dis­gust­ed at the sick suck­outs every­body puts on him again and again and again… Is there any way to not love these guys? And Of course Udder, my favorite: torn between keep­ing the radio run­ning and keep­ing her kids at bay. You’re all doing a great job!

Enough of the emo­tion­al shit now, back to pok­er. I real­ly don’t know why my moti­va­tion keeps shrink­ing, but it might be that I’m cur­rent­ly in a bad streak of get­ting knocked out on bad beats. I usu­al­ly don’t get to upset by a bad beat, it’s pok­er baby, and it’s all good. But I have been get­ting more than my share late­ly (at least it feels like it) and I’m prob­a­bly more affect­ed by it than I care to admit.

Per­haps I should take a break from pok­er to get the excite­ment and enthu­si­asm back, but I prob­a­bly won’t. I’m addict­ed to this shit…

What I am very excit­ed about how­ev­er is the prospect of going back to my home­town next week­end! I’ve not been there since Christ­mas, and that is way to long ago! My nephew is now walk­ing and prob­a­bly talk­ing his ass of, and I’ve missed it all. I need to make sure he does not for­get his Uncle! And my best friends has even got­ten a kid that I’ve not even seen. It will be good to see all my friends and fam­i­ly back home!

(damn, when did I get this soft?)

And of course I’ll be meet­ing up with my old pok­er bud­dies, and my beloved pok­er table (I don’t care that he bought it, it’s still my table, I built it god damn it smile )

LIVE POKER BABY! That’s what I’ve been miss­ing. Pok­er on the Inter­net is ok, but It’s noth­ing com­pared to the feel of cards, chips and felt on you hands! The stare down when you are bluff­ing, and the tri­umph when you call down BS with A‑high! I can’t wait to play TFU (yeah, that’s Team Fuck Up) again and tak­ing their mon­ey!

So I won’t play the Back­Row games next week­end, but expect to see me alive and kick­ing after that. I’ll prob­a­bly be a lot hap­pi­er camper after that 😀

If you’ve red all the way to this point you are prob­a­bly start­ing to feel a bit bored, but let me help you with that! Head over to the casi­no at and gam­ble your mon­ey away! As they say “I lost all my mon­ey at casino6000, but I had a hell of a time” (my trans­la­tion, not the actu­al quote!)